Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Sydney’s Best Coffee Shops

By Jay Chabon

There’s nothing worse than a bad cup of coffee. And there’s nothing more grumpy than a good woman who hasn’t had her coffee in the morning.

Come on girls, you know who you are.

With this list in hand, you’ll never have a bad cup of coffee again… at least when you’re in Sydney.

Workshop Espresso
Above: Workshop Espresso

Workshop Espresso

A very close friend of ours recommended this place.

So if the coffee’s no good, you know who to blame.

Seriously though, we’ve sampled the coffee here ourselves and we love it!

It has a cool vibe. And once you down a coffee that vibe turns electric!

It’s right in the heart of the city, opposite the Queen Victoria Building.

500 George Street, Sydney

Y Hotels Cafe
Y Hotels Cafe

Y Hotels Coffee Shop

Don’t forget about the coffee shop at our very own Y Hotels.

We can’t hide it. We are very, very passionate about coffee.

We use the best Grinders coffee beans available: 100% arabica, organic and free trade.

That’s the holy coffee trinity right there.

We reckon our coffee ticks all the boxes, plus we have the best baristas around. We really do.

Y Hotel Hyde Park: 5-11 Wentworth Ave, Sydney


Coffee is king at this highly-rated cafe in the Strand Arcade.

Sydneysiders love to drink the good stuff here. Office workers love the place for its jolts of energy.

Don’t forget that tourists and visitors need good coffee too. It’s a pretty good feeling sitting in a coffee shop and savouring the taste and feel of a good cup of coffee, without being in a rush.

Besides, we love the name of this place because we love folks with a bit of gumption.

Shop 11, The Strand Arcade

Mecca Espresso

This place knows all about the seductive qualities of a good brew.

“We all fell for coffee at different times and in different ways,” its website says.

Ahhh, how true that is. It’s like a winter romance that never ended. Or a steamy cup of java you’ll never forget.

The brains trust at Mecca say they’ve all had a “coffee epiphany”.

We know what they mean. Do you? Perhaps you should check out the shop and see if you can’t find your very own coffee love affair.

67 King Street, Sydney

So next time you’re in Sydney and looking for a caffeine fix, check out one of these places. But don’t go overboard.

You don’t want that cup of jolt turning into jitter juice!

And never forget that men are like coffee.

The best ones are rich, warm and can keep you up all night long.

OK OK, that’s probably going a bit far. But you know what we mean.

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